We are all a product of nature, and guests in her home. We live in a modern world where we’ve drawn false boundaries between what is, and what is not, nature. And yet all systems mimic nature in some way. Systems-thinking is rooted in nature. In essence, nature is a complex and interdependent system, and wisdom gathered from this awareness can have a positive impact on human decision-making for the world. Whether we like it or not, and whether we know it or not, we are in relationship to nature.


Nature relates to Community, Leadership, and Spirit as wisdom; all of the human wisdom we have can trace back to perfect and evolving designs embodied by nature. Nature shows a high level of equity, and for a Community to feel nourished, it has to be just. Leadership requires patience, power, and relationship, all of which nature embodies. Like Spirit, Nature speaks in chaos and rhythms, nurtures us, and provides sustenance.


I am still learning from nature, and opening to new depths inside myself when I connect with nature. I am never bored in this endless exploration that focuses, relaxes, lifts, holds, and clarifies me.

David's Experience

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